#4370 – Previous Defeats

Good morning people who give yourself permission to move on from past defeats

Soldiers learn from previous defeats but must not live in previous defeats.

Honesty time. Too often I have lived presently defeated because of past defeats. Please hear what I am saying. Too often I have given more power to what I did in a moment than what Jesus did on the cross. This is wrong and it always leads me away from freedom.

On a battlefield, soldiers will implement things that they have learnt from past battles; both from victories and from defeats. If something worked powerfully, soldiers are likely to do this again. While if something worked terribly, soldiers will learn and not repeat the previous strategy.

Soldiers can’t afford to sit down and bemoan yesterday’s loses if they are going to see victory today. Looking back saps us of our strength for today. Looking back distracts us from what we need to clearly and accurately see today.

I remember the time the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “Failure is not fatal.” Yes, learn from the past, but don’t live in the past. It’s a good word for us all today.