#4368 – Fighting Correctly

Good morning people who fight the way we are called to fight

I see a soldier, with a drawn sword, standing on top of a hill, directing the troops in battle.

I see a soldier.

Every battle is fighting against something and it is fighting for something. Unfortunately, many times people are fighting against and fighting for the wrong things. Fighting for our rights (perceived or actual) is often the cause of more harm than good.

So what should we fight against and what should we fight for?

At its foundational level, the answer is simple. We should fight for what Jesus fought for and fight against what Jesus fought against. Think about this today. Meditate on this today. Let the truth reign on this today.

Soldiers fight for something more than they flee from something.

Soldiers fight for a cause greater than themselves.

Soldiers fight for others more than they fight for themselves.

Soldiers fight for freedom for other people.

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