#4365 – A Prophetic Picture

Good morning people who see yourself as God sees you

On November 3rd last year, I clearly saw a picture of myself that keeps on coming back to me. It is increasingly becoming a filter in my life through which I look. It is an empowering picture.

As a prophet, I know that there is much in this picture for you too. So, over coming days (or perhaps weeks), I want to unpack this as we allow the Spirit of God to do a deep and wonderful work in us. I pray you are blessed!

Today I want to start by sharing the picture with you. Here it is:

I see a soldier, with a drawn sword, standing on top of a hill, directing the troops in battle.

I believe that there is a progression in this picture; there is a right order here.

Permit me to crack the door of this journey open with this thought:

I see a soldier.

When you look at yourself, do you see a soldier?

When God looks at you, does He see a soldier?