#4324 – Spiritually Transformed

Good morning people who live from the primary position of being spiritual

The ‘natural’ is not meant to influence the ‘spiritual’.

The ‘spiritual’ is meant to transform the ‘natural’.

Too often, the natural mind sabotages what the Spirit is wanting to do in our lives. Our minds get in the way, and a focus on ‘understanding’ consumes and takes over.

But we are Spirit first!

Romans 8:14 NIV For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.

And it’s not about being ‘influenced’. It is about being ‘transformed’!

The spiritual life is about undergoing a metamorphosis; literally changing from one thing into another!

We have been taken from death to life, from lost to found, from sinner to saint, from slave to son! We are new creations in Christ! Hallelujah!!

It’s time to be Spirit-led and to step into true transformation. 

Watch a 2 minute video from David: “Be A Transformer”.