#4318 – Eternal God

Good morning people who don’t limit God to the level of your understanding

Our omnipresent God lives in eternity; without beginning and without end.

All of our measurements are in time, yet time was created by our omnipresent, eternal God.

Past, present and future are words that are connected to our natural understanding of a measurement of time.

We say things like, “How long ago was that?”, or “When will this happen?”

But we cannot view eternity the same way because eternity exists outside of and is not connected to time.

Time is not a factor in eternity! 

Therefore, there is no past, present or future in the eternal. Eternity just is.

Are you confused yet?

Confusion is not my goal. Lifting our vision to a spiritual reality that gives greater context to both our God and our lives is my goal.


Tomorrow I want to lean into some scriptures as I push deeper into this.