#4309 – No Substitutes

Good morning people who place nothing before God in your life

I get this phrase today, “No substitutes.”

There is no substitute for prayer. It is an imperative part of every person’s walk with God. We are privileged and honoured beyond words that the Almighty Creator wants to have fellowship and friendship with us, His creations!

There is no substitute for God’s Word. It is the imperative foundation, author and authority on truth for every person. No amount of human knowledge can substitute God’s truth, and we only ever replace it or diminish it to our own peril and destruction. There are no substitutes!

There are no substitutes for the Church. Yes, Church is the people, but it is also clearly shown as gatherings of Christians in different locations in the New Testament. There is no replacement plan and the Church is not obsolete. It is still God’s plan – there are no substitutes!

The list could continue, but maybe the Holy Spirit wants to whisper something specific to you right now. I encourage you to ask Him, “God, have I substituted anything that You have established for something else?”

Now, listen, and if He highlights something to you, repent and realign today to God’s ways. There are no substitutes!