#4307 – Idols & Idle

Good morning people who live each moment with truth and purpose

God doesn’t want His children having idols or being idle.

An idol is ‘an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship’.

When we think of an idol, it is easy to think only of a physical idol, like what we see in the Old Testament and in some religions today. While these are idols, there are many idols that don’t have natural substance.

God doesn’t want us to have anything in our lives that has a higher place of affection, attention or worship than Himself. Anything that takes the place of God’s Supremacy is an idol, and every idol needs to be destroyed from our lives.

Being idle means ‘avoiding work, being lazy, without purpose or effect, pointless, to spend time doing nothing’.

Life matters! God’s life matters, and His life is in us and it is to be lived through us!

Rest is important for every person and it is something instituted by God, but it is not doing nothing from a place of being idle. Rest is an action; it is a decision to abide deeply in God.

God is looking for some people who worship Him affectionately and who walk with Him diligently.

Are you such a person?