#4306 – Walking it Out

Good morning prophetic people of God

We don’t need to work it all out – we need to walk it out.

Working it out is about us trying to understand. The focus is on us and the focus is on knowledge and facts. The focus is on making sense of everything.

Walking it out is about us literally walking moment by moment and step by step with God Himself.

There is nothing greater!

I believe the word of the Lord to some of you today is this:

You don’t need a solution if you know God is with you.

Where is the opportunity for true faith if we understand everything and can work it out by ourselves?

We are called to a journey of faith, not to a journey of facts.

It’s time for the supernatural to become natural in our lives. I don’t mean that we diminish the supernatural down to what can be attained naturally – not at all. Rather, I mean that it should become our normal and it should be a common part of our life.

It’s time to walk life out with our supernatural and limitless God!