#4291 – Based in Lies

Good morning people who reject the lie and embrace the truth

Genesis 3:4 NIV You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman.”

This a lie that the devil spoke to Eve, which she ended up listening to and disobeying God. This is licence.

We need to understand that both legalism and licence are always based in a lie.

Eve lied when she said, “God told us we couldn’t even touch the tree.”

This lie opened the door to more lies and her acceptance of them. We see this in the verse above when the serpent said, “You will not certainly die”, and Eve believed it and acted on it

The result of lying to ourselves, lying to others or buying into the lies of the enemy always results in lost freedom.

This is the enemy’s goal and he gets his way far too often.

Let me be clear to you today: Freedom is God’s intention for you, and freedom is always connected to what God says.