#4285 – Walking Together

Good morning people who value human relationships

I found the following verse very interesting when you think about the context of it:

Genesis 2:18 NIV The Lord God said, It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Man had a perfect relationship with a perfect God in a perfect environment, yet God Himself said He didn’t want man to be alone.

Surely God was enough?

Yet God said, “People need people.”

Even with an incredible relationship with God, His design is for us to walk with other people.

A danger is when we place human relationships above our relationship with God. This is called idolatry and it is never right. I’ve found that it can be very subtle and even disguised with the title of “honouring” that person. This is a heart reality and I pray Father speaks to you if realignment is needed here.

But there is also a danger for some who make it all about “me and God” and there is a withdrawing from all healthy relationships. This is equally not right and it is very dangerous. One of my Dad’s famous quotes is, “Isolation breeds error.” It is so true. Unfortunately, people who err on this side tend to use religious statements to justify their “separation”, but it is clear to others that this withdrawing is not healthy. If this is you, I pray Father gently tugs on your heart right now.

We all need healthy relationships – they are a gift from God.