#4258 – Most Important

Good morning people with a desire to learn new things

I believe that we are all continually learning new things.

But much of what we learn is useless information. Let’s be honest, we all know lots of stuff that will never benefit us in any way. And then there’s all the stuff that we learn about that is harmful to us. Some people seem to seek out knowing all about the bad stuff. I hope this is not you because you are making it very difficult to move forward in God with all that stuff in your mind.

Let me ask you some questions that I would like you to think about.

How much do you know about technology – entertainment – politics – sports trivia – history – world news – music?

Now let me ask you another question.

How much time do you give to learning about that thing that is so important to you?

Permit me to ask one more series of questions today.

How much do you know God and know about God?

How much do you know about God’s Word?

How much time are you giving to these two most important things in life?

I want to encourage us all to commit to knowing God and His Word more than anything else. Part of that is intentionally making this our greatest priority. Another part is asking ourselves this question when something catches our attention: Do I really need to learn about this?

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