#4214 – Father’s Smile

Good morning people who keep in step with God’s smile

If we are going to have a successful journey with God and walk in His promised peace this decade, let’s keep in step with the things that we know put a smile on His face.

I don’t want to make lists right now, nor do I want to be ambiguous. I do however want to simply encourage us to ask this question often:

Would Father smile on this thought, action or motivation?

It is true that in some things we might be unsure. But if we are honest, for most things we would know the answer to this question if we stopped to ask.

As I meditate on this a bit more, the answer is not always based in the ‘thing’ itself, as many ‘things’ are amoral; they are neither good or bad. In these times, I think a parallel question would be:

Has Father asked me to do something different to this right now?

If we can honestly answer NO to this, we will be kept away from disobedience.

This is not about creating a formula. Its about a focus, and that focus is, “Father I want to live under your smile.”