#4179 – God’s Way

Good morning people who are called to holiness

I feel a need to call the Church, the Body of Christ, God’s Ambassadors, back to living holy and righteous lives. There is too much complacency. There is too much likeness to the world. There is too much compromise. And there are too many excuses for it.

I know I run the risk of being labelled religious or legalistic. I am not. I am being Biblical. I am pointing us back to God’s intention. This is not my teaching but the teaching of Christ.

Church, we are called to be different; we are called to be holy; that is set apart to the Lord.

Some of us think the teachings of Jesus are too difficult. If we really knew them, we would know that they are even more difficult than we think. In fact, without the daily, moment by moment empowering of the Holy Spirit, without His wisdom and direction, without His ability flowing in us and through us, it is impossible to live lives worthy of our God-authored calling.

BUT the fullness of God and the power of the Holy Spirit are available to all of us, every day, for every situation!