#4174 – Guard Your Calling

Good morning people who protect their calling

Today I want to continue with the thought I opened up yesterday. Here it is again.

“To have a calling is a privilege. Be thankful for it and give your life to it. Do not be distracted and do not take it for granted. Give time to it and guard your time to ensure it happens.”

Yesterday I talked about knowing our calling; our pre-ordained blueprint from God.

Today I want to look at guarding our calling.

It is too easy to get distracted from what God has pre-ordained for us to do. The cares of this life can distract. Disappointment and hurt can distract. Failure can distract. Good things and fun can distract. Friendships can distract. In fact, the list of possible things that can distract us from God’s blueprint are endless. They are also often relentless.

The enemy does not want us fulfilling our calling. We need to understand we are in a spiritual battle and the enemy wants to rob us of God’s best and he often does that with good things.

We need to guard what God has given. We need to give time to it as our priority in life.