#4168 – From Heaven

Good morning people God has made and gifted

Yesterday we looked at John 3:22-36 where Jesus and John the Baptist were both baptising. Some jealousy flared up as people focused more on their rights and not on the endless needs of others.

Some people came to John expecting him to be jealous of Jesus. Here’s John’s response which is an incredible insight for us all and a great way to live life as God intends.

John 3:27 To this John replied, “A man can receive only what is given him from heaven.

This passage then goes on to talk about John’s role and Jesus’ role which John is very comfortable with. And here’s the reason why: God gives gifts as He chooses for a purpose He foreordained.

Look at some of the words that leapt out at me:

A man can only receive – which clearly says there is something to receive.

…receive what is given him – which clearly says there is something that has been given to each of us.

…given him from heaven – which clearly says the origin of our gifts and calling comes from God, not from us.

Put all this together and it’s an extremely exciting package! In fact, it’s very liberating!!! We don’t have to choose our gifts and calling; God has given them to us! We are not in competition with others because we shouldn’t live life out of our desire to do what we want; we are here to fulfil God’s plan for us and through us.

What an amazing blessing to be able to receive from heaven what God has given to us! What an amazing blessing to know that what God has given is all we need to fulfil all He has told us to do!!! What an amazing God we serve!!!