#4139 – Ask God

Good morning people who talk to God about everything

Recently the Holy Spirit dropped this phrase into my heart.

“Sometimes we don’t ask God about a situation because we don’t want to hear His answer.”

I believe this to be true and sometimes it is so subtle. This can be an unconscious thought we have while at other times we know enough about God’s nature that we know He wouldn’t approve of our plans. There are still other times that we might not know what God thinks but we know that we desperately want to do things a certain way; if we ask God, He might just muck up our plans!

Stop and think about some times in your life when this might have happened…

…when you responded to that insult…when you made that career decision…when you hit “send” on that e-mail…when you accepted that invitation…when you started that new project…when you didn’t want to visit family…when you wanted to watch that movie or TV program…when you didn’t want to forgive that person…

…did anything come to mind?

Today can be a new day; a day to determine to live God’s way. That means the following Scripture that I have quoted so many times before needs to become the blueprint for our lives.

Proverbs 3:6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.

God’s way, although at times difficult, is always the best.