#4110 – Towards Us

Good morning people who are blessed children of God

I simply want to remind us today that God’s heart is towards us. He is not against us; He is for us. He is not filled with anger and rage at us; He is overflowing with love and tenderness. God loves us, likes us, desires us, knows us, has a plan for us and is always with us.

God’s mind is towards us. God’s heart is towards us. God’s will is towards us. God’s posture is towards us. He does not turn His back on us; His face is towards us and it is so tender and loving.

Although God is beyond our comprehension in size and capacity, He is so intimately delicate with us. I picture God and me sitting on a swing porch, side by side, chatting and enjoying one of the beautiful sunsets that He made for me. I picture God and me walking hand in hand along a beautiful river, through a field of flowers with birds singing and the sun shining – and again He created these things for me to enjoy. I feel His Presence in the still, quiet evenings, in the darkness when no one is around. I know He is near.

God is perfect in every way. There can be no improvement with God. You simply can’t get better! Oh to behold Him, to know Him more, to enjoy Him in greater ways and to smile just thinking about Him.

I love my God and my King. I love the fact that He loves me and likes me. I love the fact that He chose me and has a plan for me. I love the fact that He knows my name and the length of my days. I love the fact that He loves what I love and is always with me. I just love Him; more and more every day.

And I pray that you love Him more too.