#4102 – All-Knowing God

Good morning people whose God knows the beginning from the end

Exodus 3 is an incredibly rich chapter of the Bible. Let me draw out a few things briefly.

Firstly, God spoke to Moses while he was doing his job; while he was in secular employment; while he was tending the flock of his father-in-law Jethro.

God desires to speak with you during your day.

Secondly, God was concerned for His people suffering in Egypt, said He was going to rescue them and then told Moses He was sending him to rescue the people. God does things on earth through people.

God desires to see His Kingdom come here on earth…through you. You are the one He has chosen!

Are you available? Are you ready?

Thirdly, God always knows the beginning from the end. Read the chapter: God outlines the whole sequence of events. Now He doesn’t always do this in our lives, but here’s the key point – He always knows.

We love, serve and worship a God who is never caught by surprise. He always knows, He’s always for us and He’s always working all things for our good.