#4089 – Design & Practice

Good morning people who spiritually advance in the rhythm of God

Here’s the second to last picture I received about advancement:

  1. A flock of geese and an airforce squadron, both flying at speed, in formation, with precision.

This picture was interesting.

Both are impressive, but there is a distinctive difference:

The geese fly by design, while the squadron fly by practice.

Some things are instinctive, some things take significant practice and effort.

I can’t picture geese trying hard to learn the V formation. I can’t picture them going to flying school or saying, “I just can’t do it!” No, it’s instinctive and natural; the result of design.

But neither can I imagine someone walking into the airforce, off the street, with no training, saying, “Put me in one of those fighter jets. I got this. How difficult can it be?!” No, this is not instinctive and natural. It is not the result of design. It is the result of lots of practice, over and over and over again.

May Father show us all what is by design in our lives, and what takes significant practice. Let us not confuse the two.

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