#4088 – Walking Together

Good morning people who walk with others towards God

Here’s an interesting picture Father showed me as we lean into methods of advancement in the kingdom:

  1. A human pyramid that is in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

I know that there are levels of leadership – the Bible is clear on this. Like the Centurion, I too am a man who has authority over some people, but most assuredly I am also a man under authority. Levels of leadership and authority are right.

But in this picture, Father is trying to show us something different – not violating the leadership –  but different.

In the picture, I see that there is increased pressure and weight put on those who are underneath, and I feel Father say that this lacks health and longevity and it can cause long term damage.

This is about a posture of heart and a mindset towards others, and here’s the word of the Lord:

Let’s walk together, not on top of each other.