#4087 – Avoid Comparisons

Good morning people who advance at God’s intended speed

One of the plagues of our time is comparing ourselves to others. This is not just a problem in the world, but it is also a problem in the Church, especially in this age of social media comparisons.

So let me share the picture Father gave me:

  1. A snail moving from one place to another, very slowly, and a cheetah moving from one place to another with incredible speed.

Moving slowly is right for a snail because it is how God designed it.

Moving with incredible speed is right for a cheetah because it is how God designed it.

Every person is created by Father uniquely. Not one of us is “cooker cutter” and not one of us should live comparing ourselves to others, including how fast or slow we are advancing in the things of God.

Here’s the word Father gave me:

Like with the snail and the cheetah, speed is subject to design.

So, lean into your God-given design, and advance in the things of God at the speed that Father sets for you. You don’t have to be faster than what He says, but nor should we be slower.

Know your design and know your speed.