#4084 – Gifts and Faith

Good morning people who are diligent in the little by little

Part of the evidence of the kingdom of God in our lives is advancement.

The reason for this is that God is never not doing something new and wonderful. He is never inactive, and as you will see, this is not a violation of the God-ordained principle of rest that we so often ignore or minimise.

Permit me to lean into this for a few days by sharing the seven pictures that Father gave me. Here’s the first picture:

  1. Swimming lessons, where you practice the same things repeatedly, slowly increasing distance, confidence and techniques.

Not all advancement is dramatic, nor is all advancement filled with “WOW!” moments.

Sometimes advancement is incremental; it is little by little as a result of repeated use.

I believe that the development of our spiritual gifts and the increase of our measure of faith both fit into this category of advancement.

Both should grow, but we should not expect to go from immaturity to maturity over night.

My encouragement to you today in these areas, is like practicing swimming techniques, practice your gifts and your faith regularly, little by little, but regularly.

As you do, you will see advancement in your gifts and your faith.