#4075 – Future Expansion

Good morning people who never settle in a place of complacency

Future expansion is to always be a present reality.

Our God is a God of seasons, and there are times of ploughing, times of planting and times of reaping. But despite the season, God is always doing something!

It’s true that we don’t want to run ahead of God’s plans for expansion and growth, but for many, when it comes to kingdom advancement, our tendency is towards caution and slowness.

I see ‘settledness’ being an enemy for some.

I also see ‘logic’ can lead to ‘lethargy’.

I feel the Holy Spirit wants to stir some of us up today to believe for more, to pursue more and to position ourselves for more.

I want to encourage every person to have a mindset of “Let’s step into the more Lord!”

Now look to see what God is saying to you.

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