#4071 – Gear Change

Good morning people who keep in step with Father’s plans

(Today’s BIY is a timely prophetic word that is written by my friend Tommy Stewart from Christians Who Lead and is published with permission. https://www.christianswholead.com )

I very clearly sense God saying that it’s time to change gear.

As things begin to shift and move in the nations, God is about to move His Church into acceleration mode. This will require a gear change for His people.

  1. Reverse Gear Is No Longer an Option.

For too long, parts of the Church have been in reverse mode, withdrawing from places of influence, places of power and from the place of prayer. This is no longer an option. The Church needs to arise again and take it’s place.

  1. Neutral Is No Longer an Option.

Neutral is comfortable, but neutral gets you nowhere. Perhaps, like many, you have been idling along, taking things as they come but I sense God is saying, no longer. It’s time to get into gear and move forward into all that God has for you.

  1. Dropping down the gears.

Some will need to drop down into a lower gear so as to gain acceleration and to gain traction that has been lost over time. It may well be that you have had cruise control on, cruising along at a pace that’s been comfortable for you, but right now God is saying He is the pace setter, not you. It’s time to accelerate.

  1. Moving up through the gears.

Some parts of the Church has been stuck in 2nd gear for so long that they don’t even realise that there are other gears. Don’t get stuck in 2nd gear. It’s time to move up the gears so that you may move in the fullness of the power of the Holy Spirit and move with the ease that the Father intended you too.

Get ready to accelerate.

(Today’s BIY is written by Tommy Stewart)