#4069 – Meeting Place

Good morning people who don’t shrink back from a loving Father

Don’t miss your meeting place with Father because it looks like a detour or a disappointment.

God’s greatest plan is to walk with you, and while doing so, work through you.

Relationship and friendship with God is far more important to Him than achievement and success. This does not negate achievement and success, and nor does it diminish them to a place of unimportance. It simply puts them in the right place of importance; secondary, not primary.

God wants to meet with you and have time with you, yes even when you have more questions than answers and more doubts than faith.

When fear is knocking on your door (or maybe he has burst his way through and taken up residence), God wants to meet with you.

Don’t wait until you have it worked out, figured out, reasoned out. Don’t wait until the challenge has passed, the fear has subsided, the question has been answered.

Now, right now, in your mess, in your difficulty, in your hurt, in your frustration, in your anger, God wants to meet with you.

He’s waiting and His arms are open wide.