#4062 – Defining Interpretation

Good morning people who realign to what God authors

“What is your interpretation of this verse?” to most people would mean “What do you think this verse means?”

But this is not what the word ‘interpretation’ means.

‘Interpretation’ from the Oxford Dictionary:

  • The action of explaining the meaning of something.
  • An explanation or way of explaining.
  • A stylistic representation of a creative work or dramatic role.

‘Interpretation’ from the Oxford Thesaurus:

  • 1 ‘the interpretation and application of the Bible’s teaching’.
    • explanation, elucidation, expounding, exposition, explication, exegesis, clarification, definition
    • simplification

Other words we see are: meaning, analysis, decoding, translation, transliteration, paraphrase’.

Here is the bottom line truth about ‘interpretation’:

‘Interpretation’ is about ‘our explanation’, it is not about ‘out opinion’. 

Let me put it this way:

If it’s not accurate to the original intention, it’s not an interpretation, it’s a distortion!

May we all honour God by honouring the original intention of what He has said.