#4061 – God Defines Truth

Good morning people who let God determine truth

Here is the sad reality of where many are in the Church today:

We believe in Jesus, yet we doubt what He says and wrongly interpret even when we do hear Him speak plainly.

Sometimes we are like “doubting Thomas” in a different robe.

I’m stirred by the truth about God’s Truth and our interpretation of it!

Here’s what Father said to me:

  • When it comes to interpretation of God’s Word, close enough is not good enough.
  • God’s Word means what God wants it to mean, not what we want it to mean.
  • An interpretation of God’s Word is only valid if God sees it the same way.

These are important days and this is an important moment in your life.

Today, I encourage you to read those last three statements at least three times and sit and ask Father what He wants to say to you.

Father wants to reclaim the Sole Ownership of Truth.