#4060 – Wrong Interpretation

Good morning people who talk to God about what He has said 

Here’s what I see from yesterday’s scripture (John 11:11-16):

  • Jesus made a statement.
  • The disciple’s thought He meant something different.
  • They spoke directly to Him. Unfortunately, these days, people are talking to other people about Biblical issues more than they are sincerely talking to God.
  • In response to the disciples talking to Him, Jesus spoke plainly to them and brought clarity.
  • Even though they had heard what Jesus clearly said, Thomas incorrectly applied what Jesus had clearly said.

Thomas is known as doubting Thomas, and Thomas (Didymus) means ‘twin’, which means there are ‘two’ of something.

Thomas was a disciple of Jesus, so he had faith in Jesus, yet he was also known to doubt what Jesus said and what He meant.

In this example, he heard clearly that Lazarus was dead, but then he wrongly interpreted that they were going there to die with him.

I believe this is the ‘twin’ of his life; some faith and some doubt; double-mindedness, and therefore, wrong interpretation; hearing the words Jesus spoke but not understanding what He was saying.

Let’s lean in more tomorrow.