#4055 – Towards God

Good morning people whose lives connect people with Father

Recently Father spoke this statement to me:


What is the great diversity?

It is our expression and activity.

What is the great singularity?


Father then gave me a prophetic picture:

It was the word “GOD”, in a circle, with many arrows coming into the circle pointing towards “GOD”.

I then heard Him say:

The VALIDITY of our expression and activity (the great diversity) is in whether it POINTS PEOPLE “TOWARDS GOD” (the great singularity).




Finally, He asked these four questions:

Is what we are doing a signpost or a detour TOWARDS GOD?

Is what we are doing a distraction or a single focus TOWARDS GOD?

Is what we are doing a stumbling block or a stepping stone TOWARDS GOD?

Is what we are doing an invitation or an obligation TOWARDS GOD?

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