#4044 – Permit Yourself

Good morning people who give yourself permission to be free

Let me share a prophetic word that Father gave me. I pray that it is a word of life to those of you who need to receive it.

I see a prophetic picture of an open heaven and light that is built up behind some clouds that is waiting to burst through!

The clouds are clouds of disappointments that we must allow ourselves to move past. This is about us giving ourselves permission to let the light shine through.

As I meditate on this, I am aware that the heaven is open and that the light is shining brightly from heaven. In other words, there is no shortage and no hesitation on Father’s part towards you. He is eager to meet you and to be Life to you!

But the light is inhibited and restricted by dark clouds of disappointment. The interesting part is that I am prophetically aware that we hold the key, the power and the ability to remove the disappointment. It is not Father-imposed, and nor is it other-people-imposed. It is self-imposed.

The good news is that this means we can remove it, and we do so by rejecting it as a lie from the enemy that is in opposition to what God has declared over our lives!

Yes, some bad things happened. Yes, some people let you down. Yes, it doesn’t make sense. I have no desire to minimise anything – I really don’t – but I also feel Father’s deep desire to pronounce freedom over you today! And He does!

But will you pronounce freedom over yourself? Will you give yourself permission to be free? Will you give yourself permission to move forward and live in Father’s light for you?

I pray you do.