#4033 – Hands Off

Good morning people who are learning to hand control over to God

I believe I have a word of freedom for some of you today. I feel God saying:

“Stop trying to sort it out and start seeking Me out.”

We all want things to go well; we want things to work. If something is not working (or not working optimally), we can spend lots of time trying to sort it out, fix it and make it better.

Now, there most definitely is a time for this. Some present challenges and problems in our lives are there because we didn’t pay enough attention to something. In other words, our neglect can be the very reason we feel we need to fix something now.

If diligence, humility and effort is needed, then give it…

…but not in replacement of or in a higher importance than seeking God Himself.

While neglect of something might be the reason we need to give attention to that thing now, more often than not, neglect of God Himself being our priority and pursuit is the reason we neglected that other thing in the first place. (Please read this again) .

Do you want that thing to change?

Then seek God more than ever before. But don’t seek Him so that He fixes that thing – seek Him for Him.