#4030 – Perfect Combination

Good morning people who speak words of life and truth to yourself and others

God’s Word + your mouth = breakthrough!

Because God’s Word is truth, God’s Word is powerful. Full stop! There is no limitation to Who God is and there is no limitation to what God says.

We need to marry this with the life and death reality of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). God created everything by speaking words, and we are made in His image and we carry this same creative power in our tongues!

Far too often we are flippant and careless with our words. “I didn’t mean it” is a too commonly heard phrase, all-the-while not seeing the seriousness of the words that we and others speak. We are creating something with our words!

It’s time to prophesy life, not death, and this life is founded in, centred upon and flowing from the truth of God’s Word!

It’s time to talk to our God and to talk to our problems, not just talk to our friends about our problems.

It’s time to declare truth, not to beg God.

It’s time to come into agreement with what God says, not with what our present reality tries to dictate to us.

This is not fake – this is faith, and it’s faith that pleases God!

There is power in a prophetic word of declaration!