#4022 – Holy Spirit Power

Good morning people who yield fully to the work of the Holy Spirit in your life 

The work of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit is a thorough clean out work. We need a deeper revelation of this in our lives. 

But we also need a deeper revelation of why Jesus wants to thoroughly clean out the chaff of our lives. 

Freedom is the reason Jesus is an all-or-nothing Saviour. He has no desire to simply improve our present reality and our spiritual condition. Sure, we might measure our lives compared to some other people and think we are not too bad. But compared to a holy, righteous and perfect God, well, we all miss the mark terribly. 

And this is why Jesus came! 

He came to remove restrictions, to remove barriers and to remove obstacles! 

He came to pay the price, tear down the veil, disarm the devil and usher us boldly into God’s throne of grace! 

He came to live as a man, sinless, reliant on the Holy Spirit, in communion with His Father and as a tangible example of this new life He was purchasing for us! 

All of this is done by the power of the Holy Spirit!