#3987 – Our Deliverer

Good morning people whose God delivers us from our enemies

Luke 1:69 NKJV And has raised up a horn of salvation (Jesus) for us In the house of His servant David.

Jesus is our deliverance from the molestation of enemies.

The word ‘molestation’ is an intense and a horrific word.

For those who have been through it physically, verbally or sexually, I pray for the deepest of Father’s love to touch you in your spirit, soul and body. We need God.

Our spiritual enemy – the devil and his demons – also seek to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10).

This is not a passive or low-level harassment. This is molestation, and it’s also this molestation from the enemy that Jesus came to deliver us from.

At its core, the word ‘molestation’ is about abuse. Father’s heart breaks every time someone is abused and violated. This is both in the natural and in the spiritual.

‘Molestation’ also includes the meaning of ‘the action of pestering or harassing someone in an aggressive or persistent manner’.

This is exactly what the enemy of our souls does. He is relentless. He is invasive. He is a suite. He defiles. He destroys. He kills.

But Jesus is our Deliverer!

In His sinless life, in His cruel and inhumane and undeserved death, and in His glorious resurrection and ascension to the right hand of His Father, Jesus dealt a decisive and conquering deathblow to the works of darkness!

Jesus is the Victor!

Jesus is the King!

Jesus is our Atonement!

Jesus is our Peace! 

Jesus is our deliverance from the molestation of enemies!

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