#3986 – Horn of Salvation

Good morning people who know the God of deliverance

Jehovah – our self-Existent and Eternal God – is salvation.

The first mention of the word ‘salvation’ in the New Testament is found here:

Luke 1:69 NKJV And has raised up a horn of salvation (Jesus) for us In the house of His servant David.

The word ‘horn’ is denoting ‘the horn of an animal’, and it refers to ‘that which animals use to defend themselves’ (Strong’s g2768).

To the people in the Bible, a ‘horn’ was ‘a symbol of courage and strength’ and used as such in a variety of phrases: ‘a mighty and valiant helper, the author of deliverance, of the Messiah’ (Strong’s g2768).

The word ‘salvation’ in this verse is the same meaning as in the Old Testament, but it is even richer. It means ‘deliverance from the molestation of enemies, the present possession of all true Christians, future salvation which brings freedom from the penalty, power, presence and pleasure of sin’ (Strong’s g4991).


So rich a name is ‘Jesus’!

So wonderful is our God!

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