#3930 – Greatly Emboldened

Good morning people who are heard by God and answered by Him

Psalm 138:3 NIV When I called, You answered me; You greatly emboldened me.


Sometimes, we think things will change or shift if we could only get ‘that person’s’ ear.

The change or shift is not so much about something ‘that person’ says, but the fact that we are now on their radar. We are emboldened because they are going into bat for us.

God Himself responds when we call out to Him and He is completely for us!

We are emboldened by God’s response because we know that we have God Almighty on our side.

The emboldening does not primarily come from the content of the response, but from the fact that the Creator of heaven and earth responded to us.

Just think about that!

May we all continually talk to and listen to the one Who is our strength and our sufficiency.

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