#3873 – Father’s Thoughts

Good morning to those who care more about Father’s thoughts than people’s thoughts

If we are going to live like Jesus did, then we need to move past the fear of man.

I am realising more and more, that the fear of man is not based in a guaranteed outcome.

Many times, the fear that we have of other people’s opinions are not what they actually think.

Therefore, the fear of man that is based in other people’s opinions is actually based in other people’s possible opinion.

And as I meditate on this, here’s what I felt prompted to write:

“Other people’s possible opinions about me are nowhere near as important as Father’s stated thoughts about me!”

Please read that again.

My friends, I want to see the grip of fear of what others may think be completely broken this year in all of our lives!

May our confidence and security come from what Father has said about us! 

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