#3867 – Don’t Be Glib

Good morning people who are going deeper in the things of God

Today I feel Father say, “Don’t be glib when it comes to the things of God.”

The word ‘glib’ means ‘fluent but insincere and shallow’.

Sometimes we can quote Bible verses and say “the right Christian things”, and yet our hearts can be far from God. Or we might be close to God, but the focus of our conversation and the intent of our hearts can be selfish and not truly God-centred.

As one who has the privilege of sharing God’s Word regularly, I feel today is a holy reminder to walk, live and minister with a sincere heart and a deep love for God and for people.

As a Christian, I don’t want to be content with my present knowledge of God or the things of God. I don’t want to settle for the good place that my relationship with God is at.

I want to lean in more. I want to learn more. I want to go deeper with God. I want Heavenly downloads. I want to see and feel and think and act as He wants me to. And I want to do all this for His glory and for the honour of His Name.

May I have a deep passion for the things of God.

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