#3866 – Surrendered Life

Good morning people who surrender everything to the One Who owns everything

SURRENDER. This is a word that is very important for us all this year.

I love what Francis Chan says about surrender:

“Are you willing to surrender fully to anything God tells you to do?”

This includes everything the Bible says.

The greater question is not, “What do you believe about this or that?”

Too many times we are focused on debating what we believe, even if we have little intention of obeying what God says.

The greater question is, “Will you fully surrender and obey what God says n His Word, no matter what?”

I feel a separating line being drawn by God, and I feel it is a line of full surrender to Him and obeying what He says. 

“Out of 10, how would God rate you on your surrender to everything He has said in His Word?”

It’s time for full surrender to the Lord.

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