#3865 – Devotional Life

Good morning people who are learning to live a life of devotion to God

I am realising more deeply the importance and power of true, personal, spiritual devotion with Father.

It’s not about a reading plan as much as it is about meeting with a Person.

I want to enjoy this time daily with Father more than ever before, and I want to enjoy it as a dependent child, not as a prophet. Let me explain what I mean by this.

I don’t want to come to God and spend time with Him for the primary purpose of hearing from Him for others; that is, as a prophet. I try not to do this, but at times, this can unintentionally be my default.

I want to take the posture and position of truly and fully dependent upon God, for this indeed is my position before Him. I need God, I really do. I also want God, I really do.

“How do you come to God and what is your focus for coming to Him?”

May we seek Him for Him.

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