#3862 – Seal It Lord

Good morning people who receive revelation from God on the truth of who we are

(From a sermon by David McCracken)

Good morning people who pray for a revelation of this truth of servant, sonship and kingship

We are God’s servant and a servant to each other, but against the spiritual forces of darkness we must accept our responsibility to represent His royalty; His right and responsibility to rule.

“Friends, who do you see in the mirror? The carpenter or The King?!”

Friends, we need an encounter, a moment of Holy Spirit revelation, Jesus said to Peter: “flesh & blood has not revealed this unto you.”

This truth must travel from our head to our heart!

You are not who life has said you are! You are who God has made you to be!

Friends, one final key statement: The Authority you are under determines the Authority you carry!  (THE CENTURION PRINCIPLE). It’s not your background, not your intellect and not your training.

God has made you kings of the Earth. You are the Ambassadors of Christ”. He has placed all spiritual authorities under your feet.”  If you walk under His authority, that’s what the Word of God says about you!  

You are not who life has said you are – you are who He says you are!

He is your Father, you are His son, His daughter, and you are a king under the command of the King of all kings!

“Father, we pray for a deep work of revelation of this truth, in Jesus’ Name, and for Your glory! Amen!” 

(From a sermon by David McCracken)

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