#3836 – In Trying Times

Good morning people who understand that it’s not always easy

I want to be a man of faith. I also want to instil faith in others. I really do, and I pray that this year is a year of increased faith and confidence in our great God!

But I also want to be real. I don’t want to give Christian cliches or incorrect theology.

We all have trying times. It’s not a sign of godliness, nor is it a sign of a lack of godliness. It’s a sign that we are alive.

“So what are we to do when things are difficult?”

I feel prompted to share something Father said to me last year. In fact, over the next few days, I feel to share a few things Father has spoken to me, and the reason for this is, too often we move on too quickly from what Father has said. If He said it, it’s important.

Today’s statement from Father to meditate on and to put into practice is this:

In trying times (Winter seasons), stay in safe places and feed on good things.

Don’t withdraw from Father, lean into Him. And keep on feeding yourself on things that do you good; truly good; spiritually good,

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