#3777 – Our Integrity

Good morning people who live lives that are worth following

Psalm 25:21 NIV May integrity and uprightness protect me, because my hope, Lord, is in You.

I love this.

Our protection is not our strength, our power, our ability, our charisma…it is our integrity and uprightness.

Actually, it is the Lord – it is always God – but in context, our integrity and uprightness opens the door for God to protect us.

It’s not compatible to ask God to protect us and yet make decisions that lack integrity. What we do matters. How we live matters. How we treat people matters. Our lives matter.

It’s not about perfection, but it is about our moral compass being set to the right point, and that is to be like Jesus.

I’ve often said that a cliché is truth that we don’t want to hear. The following statement is one such truth that has lost its power for some, but today we will reclaim the power of its truth:

“WWJD – What would Jesus do?”  

The answer to this in every situation, in every relationship, in every challenge, is what integrity and uprightness looks like in our lives.