#3774 – Inner Circle

Good morning people in whom God Himself confides

Psalms 25:14 NIV The Lord confides in those who fear Him; He makes His covenant known to them.

Oh my goodness gracious me! WOW!

This word ‘confides’ comes from the word ‘secret’ and it talks about ‘a circle of familiar friends’; an inner circle.

This was like Jesus with Peter, James and John! This is like God with Enoch, Abraham, David and Moses!

And the promise is for all those who have a deep and holy fear for the Lord their God!

He makes His covenant – His declared and revealed promises – known to them!

And He longs to discuss things with us! God is far more conversational and relational than many of us have had a revelation of.

“Oh, to step into a deeper level of conversation with God! Oh, to be taken into His confidence; into His inner circle! I say, “YES LORD!”