#3770 – God’s Lordship

Good morning people who continually submit to the authority of God

Psalm 25:12 NIV Who, then, are those who fear the Lord? He will instruct them in the ways they should choose.

For people who have a right and holy fear of the Lord, He will instruct them.

On the surface, sure we know it means to teach and to give direction. But again, I felt prompted to look at the Hebrew.

Here’s what I saw: to flow as water, i.e. to rain’

I believe Father’s desire for us as His children is to have a relationship that flows like water. I am not talking about it being easy or problem-free. I am not talking about never needing effort or having to make tough decisions.

But I wonder if Father wants to shift some of our thinking, and that is that He wants to speak freely and frequently to us. He wants to rain on us when it comes to the plans and purposes that He has for us.

But the key here is having a holy fear of the Lord.

“Do we truly want what God wants for us, or is our focus on what we want?”

The answer might determine the flow.