#3745 – Even at Night

Good morning people who believe for God to speak to you at night

Psalm 16:7 NIV I will praise the Lord, Who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.

This counsel that we receive at night is not from man, but from the Lord.

I am convinced that many times God wants to speak to us when we are asleep and, also when we wake up during the night.

I have personally woken up many times and had Father whisper something into my heart in those moments before I am fully awake and alert. I love these times because I know it is God!

As I read this verse, I want to hunger for this more. Yes, I know it is God Who speaks, but I also know that He responds to hunger.

So, today I ask for more counsel and instruction, even at night Lord.

I encourage you to ask Him too.

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