#3744 – Delightful Inheritance

Good morning people who continually return your focus to God

Psalm 16:6 NIV The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.

The greatest inheritance we can ever receive is not natural, it is supernatural; it is not financial, it is relational; it is not temporal, it is eternal.

The greatest inheritance is not what we receive from people, but what we receive in God. Notice my language here: ‘from people’, but ‘in God’.

Here’s the preceding verse which reveals this wonderful and delightful truth:

Psalm 16:5 NIV Lord, You alone are my portion and my cup; You make my lot secure.

My portion and my cup, as well as my pleasant places and delightful inheritance are primarily in God, not just from God.

Sure, God does give us many delightful things in addition to Himself, but they all pale in comparison to ‘the surpassing greatness of knowing Him’ (Philippians 3:8). 

I pray we all receive a deeper revelation of this life-giving truth today.  

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