#3628 – God Chooses

Good morning people who trust the sovereignty of God in other people’s lives

At times we can be selective about who we think is suitable to receive God’s love.

Jonah 3:10-4:1 NIV When God saw what they did and how they turned from their evil ways, He relented and did not bring on them the destruction He had threatened. But to Jonah this seemed very wrong, and he became angry.

Sometimes we think some people are too far gone and undeserving of a second chance with God, even though we have received countless second chances ourselves.

Sometimes we have received a revelation of how good God is and how He completely and purely loves people, yet we don’t feel some people are worthy of receiving His love.

Sometimes I think we can be arrogant and proud, even as ‘ministers of God’! We receive beyond what we deserve, yet we falsely think ‘some others’ are less deserving.

Every person has missed the mark. Every person has missed the mark over and over. Every person is unworthy. Yet God loves every person and He alone has the right to choose who receives His unrelenting love.

May God be merciful to those He chooses to be merciful to.