#3624 – Not Too Late

Good morning people who hear the word of the Lord coming a second time

Jonah 3:1 NIV Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time.

No one is too far from God that He cannot speak to them, nor is it too late for you to hear the word of the Lord come a second time.

I feel very strongly that some of you feel your chance with God has gone. No, it’s not!

You can say YES to God today. You can.

Sure, the journey might look different than you thought it would back when God first spoke to you, but never forget Who it is that is calling you again!

There is nothing that God can’t do, and that includes in your life as your heart resumes the posture of “Yes Lord!”

“But Steve…”

No. BUT GOD!!!!

My prayer today is that the word of the Lord comes a second time to you. I pray dreams from years ago are reawakened and revived.

But above all, I pray you have a fresh encounter with God Himself. He loves you beyond measure, and today, He wants to walk intimately with you as your closest Friend.

“Will you accept His invitation?”