#3549 – God-Filled Sleep

Good morning people who Father speaks to while you sleep

For many, sleep is a challenge. It might be the lack of quality sleep, it might be harassment in your dreams, or it might be a combination of both.

This is not Father’s desire for you. In fact, I believe He wants to speak to you in wonderful ways and reveal truth through visions and dreams that are from Him.

Daniel 2:19 NIV During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision. Then Daniel praised the God of heaven.

I want to pray that your sleep will be all that Father desires it to be; that it will be refreshing and filled with God-initiated dreams and visions.

“Father, for every person who is reading this today, I ask, by the power of the Spirit, that You will bless their sleep. I rebuke insomnia and harassment, and I release peace and prophetic dreams and visions. Father, I ask You to do what only You can do, and I ask this in Jesus’ all-powerful Name. Amen!”

‘Then Daniel praised the God of heaven.’

As Father answers this prayer, I encourage you to give praise to God – He is always good!